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A compilation of my favorite West Coast Swing Clips (and some others ;-). It's easy to become obsessed with learning and dancing West Coast Swing. There is so much to learn, so much variety and subtlety in this deceptively simple dance form. Most of the dances here are extemporaneous: improvised on the spot, and reflect the magic created by the dancers in response to the music.

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Found 120 clips
Heidi Groskreutz and Eric
John Lindo and Stephanie
Miles & Tessa
Andrew Oprychal & Victoria Henk
Arjay and 2 followers
Arjay and Brandi
Arjay and Jen Deluca (the
ARjay and Melissa Rutz
Arjay and Tori Smith BBB2007
Arjay, Melina, Sarah Vann
Ben & Brandi social
Ben & Jen
Ben and Courtney
Ben and Melina
Ben and Melina and Danny
Ben McHenry & Lemery Rollins
Ben Morris & Jessica Cox
Ben Morris & Katrina Ostrensky
Ben Morris & Melissa
Ben Morris & Melissa Rutz
Ben Morris & Yenni Setiawan
Ben Morris and Jessica Cox
Ben Morris and Tessa Cunningham
Benji & Sarah BBB 2014
Benji and Maryanne Nunes
Brennar Goree & Autumn Jones
Brennar Goree & Patty Vo
Cat Dancer!
Chris Kilkenny & Diana- Fusion
Class Review
cool pattern
Edwin Li & Allyssa (Blues Swing)
Jamie Triplett & Emily Webb
Jason Colacina and Sarah Van Drake
Jason Colacino & Katie Boyle
Jason Colacino & Tatiana
Jason Wayn & Stephanie McHenry
Jason Wayne & Dave Damon
Jason Wayne & Sarah Vann Drake
Jason Wayne and Sarah Vann
Jen and Tybaldt Ulrich
Jessica Cox and John Lindo
John & Jessica- Dance Gourmet WS
John and Deborah
John and Stephanie
John and Stephanie cam2
John Linda and Melissa Rutz
John Lindo & Blandine Iche
John Lindo and Deborah Szekely
John Lindo and Nicola
Jordan & Jessica
Jordan & Jessica MJ 2009
Jordan & Jessica SD 2013
Jordan & Jessica Cox
Jordan & Jessica SCS14
Jordan & Tatiana
Jordan Frisbee & Melina Ramirez
Jordan Frisbee and Jessica Cox
Katie Boyle & Miguel deSousa
Kiehm - Funky moves
Kyle & Cameo
Kyle & Sarah VD Montreal
Kyle & Torri SCS14
Kyle and Sarah (SH 2009)
Kyle Redd & Melissa SD 2013
Kyle Redd & Patty Vo reno
Kyle Redd & Tara Trafzer
Kyle Redd & Torri SD 2013
lesson Ronnie&Brandi
Luis Crespo & Sarah Vann Drake
Madjam SS 2013
MADjam2005 Jason-Katie
Maxence & Ekaterina (Russian WCS 2012)
Michael Kielbase & Lilly Collins
Michael&Heather Int.J&J
Olivier Massart & Virginie P
Parker Dearborn and Melina
Patty Vo & Kyle Redd
Richard Kear & Melissa Rutz
Richard Kear and Allysa Glanville
Robert & Nicola Showcase
Robert & Tatiana- Amazing!
Robert and Devorah Kastner
Robert Champlas- nice move
Robert Champlas- nice move 2
Robert Royston and Deborah Szekely
Robert Royston and Melissa
Robert Royston and Melissa Rutz
Robert Royston workshop- Elements
Royston- How to Dip the Lady
SinCity Swing 13
Sonya Dessearault
Stephanie and Michael
Stephaniew demos
StrictlySwing Michael-Jen
studio Kenneth-Taylor
Swing Diego 2008 Winners
SwingDiego Ben-Tatiana
SwingDiego Masters: Louie & Peggy Allen
SwingDiego2008 Novice JJ
Swingthing2008 Torri&Sean
Syncopations that Sizzle
Tatiana & Benji SwingDiego
Tatiana & Maxence SD13
Tessa & Ben
Tessa Cunningham and Ben Morris
Tybalt Ulrich and Brandi Tobias
USOpen2004 Jason-Katie
wcs Jason-Katie
WCS Jordan Tatianna Parker Jessica
wcs lesson
wcs Myles-Tessa
wcs Myles-Tessa
wcs Tessa&Ben 2007
WCS Torri&BenMorris
Who the Fuck is Alice?